Peter Schmidt är grundare av företaget och Karolina Barnekov har arbetat på byrå praktiskt taget hela livet. Ett erfaret team med andra ord. Tillsammans med art directors, copys, erfarna grafiker och snabba snickare skapas ett kreativt och leveranssäkert företag.
Peter Schmidt is the founder of the company. Peters best skill is his creativity and always looking for a solution for all missions. Karolina Barnekow is partner and CEO. Karolinas best skill is attention to detail, for a successful event/concept the details are extremely important. 
 A well-experienced team with other words.
Teaming up with their art directors, copywriters, experienced graphics and fast carpenters Schmidt is a fast, creative and trustworthy company.


Don´t hesitate to contact us for free consulting. call us: +46 (8) 652 30 22 or email: karolina@schmidt.se

We would be happy to have a look at your request - big or small.

Schmidt Reklam / Schmidt Display & Exhibition
Järnvägsgatan 36
131 54 Nacka / Sweden
Tel: +46 (0) 8 652 30 22 
Mob: +46 (0) 73 627 95 35

Karolina Barnekow
Karolina Barnekow

Sales Manager:
Peter Schmidt

Event & utställning
Owe Jernberg

Mikaela T Nilsson

Graphic Production:
Julio Bacigalupe

Production Manager:
Danilo Pizarro
Our headquarters are based in Sickla, Nacka.
Our Warehouse is based in Ekerö, Bergvik. This is where we produce and store our client's stands and products.