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Our business is based on being able to offer effective solutions from idea to finished product. We have extensive experience in action marketing and cross promotion with many successful campaigns behind us. It is important for us to get to know our customer. That is why we always work closely together.

Influence the purchase decision

The vast majority of consumers go through stores/supermarkets and the growing online marketplace. 80% of the choice of brands is affected in the store. Store communication affects the consumer directly at the time of purchase and increases the opportunities for sales. We help you with store materials and sales activities in the store or on the web.   

Displays give more sales

We design and produce display materials for many well-known brands. It provides good support in sales, contributes to greater exposure, stands out from the crowd and can complement promotions and offers. Standard solution or a unique design? Talk to us about which solution suits you best.

Win-win situations

By adding a cross promotion offer to the advertising campaign, the message is strengthened. We have experience and a large network of contacts where we find partners for our clients. Cross-promotional campaigns are also very cost-effective.

Our campaigns are designed, printed, punched, packed and sent. It has become a lot over the years. Here we show a small selection.

Half pallet & gift box
Checkered cookbook - a real classic. An easy and selling way to get large volumes of, for example, a book in the grocery store.


The half pallets are often standard templates, but you
can work a lot with top signs. It does not always have to be that advanced. 

Exciting reading requires exciting store materials
Fantasy book series for young people written by the Irish author Eoin Colfer. 

Floor stand & top sign
Several displays on the same theme were made for a book series. Here we have worked with both message and design of stand.

Floor stand and top sign
Exciting reading requires exciting store materials.

Floor stand and top sign

Floor stand and pillars
When Arla Foods launched Cocio in a new packaging, we helped with the displays.

Floor stand and top sign
Appreciated floor stand thanks to the good exposure all around.

Floor stand and top sign


We have flexible solutions for information and referral to adapt all types of premises to prevailing circumstances.